I have liked to take pictures since I got my first Kodak 110 pocket instamatic camera for Christmas of 1973.  I was 9 and I loved it.  I worked my way up to a 35mm Pentax that took very nice pictures.  I wanted to get away from film and into digital, though.  I still have that Pentax but don’t use it anymore.  I use a small digital camera that takes pretty good pictures but is a giant step backward from the 35mm format.  Someday I’ll have another large format camera which is digital but until then I will make due…..and drool when I go to Best Buy and see the beautiful 18 megapixel cameras with changeable lenses.  *sigh*


1 Response to Photography

  1. tiallarising says:

    My dad has a simple Olympus camera which takes amazing pictures. It’s really cool, because technically it shouldn’t take THAT good of pics. I know, those cameras with different lenses are NICE. 😀


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