I really like to find new recipes to try.  It is almost an obsession.  I have binders full of recipes that I’ve printed from recipe sites as well as those I’ve torn out of cooking magazines.  I have a stack that I haven’t even put into binders yet.  Okay, so it is an obsession.  My husband and I share this.  If I’m not on the computer finding something new to make then he is.  I love this about him.  I also love that he encourages me to make all these new things and never complains when we find one that didn’t live up to our expectations.  He just quietly says that I don’t need to make that one again and then goes on to completely clean his plate.  He is the best person in the world to cook for.

You can find recipes here that are from my family and from other sources.  If I post a recipe from the web I will always try to give a link to the original site.  If it is out of a cookbook, then I’ll say what book it is from.  I’ll give credit where credit is due.


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